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About The DA Hall Project

Mobile free range poultry houses are a perfect solution for entrepreneurs worldwide, suitable for a project sizes ranging from a single house to large vertical integrations. Due to the quick permit process in some countries, they may be operational within 3 months from purchase.

Mobile houses are a perfect solution for entrepreneurs wishing to use the quick permit process in certain countries and start growing free range broilers and layers. Agrotop has assembled houses in Germany, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and China and has gained experience in the relevant regulations for these countries.

Agrotop’s mobile houses are highly durable, heavy duty constructions that can withstand all types of weather - including extreme heat, heavy snow and harsh winds - while still 100% recyclable and cleverly designed for an assembly time of just 3 weeks. Although regulations usually specify 3-5 years of structure durability, our structures are designed to work 20-50 years.

Agrotop offers equipment selection and/or integration service for the mobile houses, for a quick seamless process. Agrotop can also offer the necessary transfer of know-how, for improved growth results.

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