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About The Gliksman Project

Gliksman project is the largest pullets for commercial layer project in Israel with 450,000 pullets. The project, originally 2 relatively small houses, grew to 3 large 10 tier houses using sophisticated temperature control systems to maximize results. The project showcases Agrotop’s smart engineering, know-how, and customer care.

Gliksman company, the largest pullets for commercial layers farmer in Israel, is a challenging project, designed and built entirely by Agrotop. The first stage of the project consisted of two 6 tier houses, growing 75,000 layers each. During 2010 an additional 6 tier high layer house was added growing 180,000 birds. It is the largest pullet house in the country.

The third house required a temperature control system that could circulate the heat as evenly as possible between the 6 floors. As heat always rises, a standard heater based system would produce vastly different temperatures across different floors. Combining clever design and know-how, Agrotop used the manure drying ventilation system and supporting dumpers to circulate the heat directly to the birds instead of heating the entire space. The floors are populated in steps according to Agrotop’s know-how, optimizing the growth space and using the small temperature differences between the floors to actually optimize the growth results.

When Gliksman decided to add additional 4 floors to the two initial 6 tier houses, they again selected Agrotop for the job. As the houses were not originally built for such load, Agrotop was required to design additional construction support, dismantle and raise the roof, and engineer a bridge and elevator between the two houses for optimal access to the upper floors. This was done in less than three months, enabling the customer to stop operation for only one growth cycle.

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