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About The Great Wall Project

The “Great wall” broiler-breeders project grows almost 100,000 breeders inside 6 two-story high houses. Built in 1995 to withstand harsh conditions, it continues to provide good results until this day.

The “Great wall” broiler-breeders project was a challenging project in many ways. It was planned for 100,000 breeders but the land was costly, and the designated area could house only half the amount of birds. In addition, the area occasionally experiences typhoons and earth quakes as strong as 8 on the Richter scale. 
Agrotop aimed high, and designed 6 large, two-story high houses, instead of 12 one-story standard houses. The houses were built from steel construction holding a concrete Mezzanine floor, a design which allows high quality weather resistance while keeping the house easy to clean frequently.

The project, erected in 1995, is Agrotop’s first project in Taiwan. Over 20 years from its operation it is still working fantastically and achieving very good results.

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