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About The Kikuxi Project

Kikuxi is the largest layer farm project in Angola, with over a million layers and pullets. Although logistically complicated, the project was successfully constructed under strict timelines and delivers excellent results.

The Kikuxi project entrepreneurs contacted Agrotop after their project, managed by another company, suffered from multiple problems. The original project timelines were not met and the technology was outdated and could not efficiently cool the farms

Agrotop first renovated an existing poultry farm as a trial to showcase the full potential of its solution, and following the improved results was selected to take over the entire Kikuxi project.

Kikuxi currently comprises of 8 layer farms and 2 pullet farms with 1,050,000 and 372,000 birds respectively. 2 additional layer farms are currently under construction. The project is logistically complicated, demanding skilled workers from abroad, grouping of equipment from several different manufacturers, and engineering coordination in front of local authorities.

Kikuxi is almost fully automatic and operates at a high level of bio-security. It includes automatic egg counting, manure drying and an advanced climate control system. Agrotop adhered to strict timelines, and every contracted farm was supplied, erected and operational in a record time of 6 months from date of order, with world class results.

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