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About The Koza Project

The Koza Broiler Project is made out of 6 large poultry houses that together grow 235,000 birds. The project boasts both the longest house and the widest house in turkey.

The Koza Broiler Project, engineered and built for the Tavsan company, is made out of 6 large poultry houses that together grow 235,000 birds.

The designated area purchased for the project was not optimal and left large gaps when populated by standard size houses. In order to maximize the use of available land, Agrotop designed the project as 4 standard 150x14 meter houses with the 2 remaining houses oddly sized : One house is currently the longest in Turkey measuring 180x14 meters with ~45,000 birds, and the other is currently the widest in Turkey measuring 108x28 meters and growing 50,000 birds.

Agrotop designed and integrated a unique temperature control system for the wide house, which pulls air into the attic and spreads it across the house. This system allows the house to keep the optimal growth temperature when the outside temperature rises to 40°C / 104°F in summer, or -25°C / -13°F with heavy snow load in the winter.

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