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About The Novel and La Pardilla Project

Novel and La Pardilla piggery projects were built for hard work. By using a liquid feeding system, advanced insulating coating and smart ventilation, they boast some of the best growth results in Spain.

The Novel and La Pardilla piggery projects are similar but located in different areas and climates of Spain – Novel is located in the cold Leilidas, while La Pardilla is located in a hot climate, near Seville .

In addition to high construction standards and a roof ventilation system, Agrotop used a specially designed economic coating technology to reduce the ammonia load on the structure, a known problem in piggeries. The insulating coating allowed the customer to reduce maintenance costs significantly. The piggeries are equipped with a liquid feeding system, which enables them to show some of the best growth results in Spain.

The project was done in cooperation with the Big Dutchman Company.

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