Broilers Houses

Modern 21st century Broiler houses don’t just grow Broilers. They need to grow them perfectly.

Poultry meat production is fast a growing business worldwide. Modern 21st century broiler houses are designed to keep ideal in-house conditions that allow Broilers, raised for commercial meat production, to reach their genetic potential. Broilers reach maturity within a short 5-6 weeks but results are very sensitive to growth conditions. It is crucial to understand how Broiler biology integrates with engineering and technology in order to provide the perfect solution for your needs.

Business Oriented

We have experience integrating all aspects required to reach perfect bird conditions and economic results. We’ve done it in over 40 countries. Let us show you how.


Agrotop’s modern houses can create a suitable micro-climate in different and even extreme weather conditions.

Dry Litter

We offer innovative solutions for creating dry litter, which increases the flocks’ health conditions and reduces energy costs.

Feed conversion

We have experience reaching feed conversions that are better than the breeder-company manual. You can achieve this as well.

Some things to be aware of when planning Broiler houses

Some examples

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