Our Process

Whether you want to start a new business or upgrade an existing farm, it all starts with a vision. With Agrotop you can turn it into a reality.

Our process to a successful project and agro-business

See our unique process to create successful, high quality, cash flowing agro-projects for our clients. Depending on your needs and the stage of your project you may choose to follow the entire process or parts of it.


Understanding your vision, needs and goals

  • Sketching out your vision and defining clear project objectives.

  • Specifying the resources, time frame, and estimating cost.

  • Researching the climate conditions, market and local regulations.

Summary document, including an estimated budget.

“I want to build a broiler farm”

“I want to grow and sell 1
million eggs per day”

“I want to start a free
range production unit”

These are examples of visions we’ve heard. Together we can define concrete goals and detailed plans to turn them into successful projects and businesses.

Agrotop combines experts from various fields to create a unique solution for your project.

General Design

  • Technology selection by our climate expert and bio-technologist.

  • An outline of the project is built by our engineering department.

  • Site visit for verification of proposed land, roads, wind direction, logistics, bio security and more.

General plan of the project based on Topographical maps

See example ►

Creating a Business Plan

  • In depth feasibility research and verification of local market needs and conditions.

  • Sensitivity analysis, Executive summary.

  • Short, mid and long term financing solutions.

a complete, bankable business plan for your proposed project.

a bankable business plan is vital for arranging project finance and setting realistic ROI goals.


our in-house engineering department creates tailor-made solutions according to client needs and local conditions

Detailed Project Plan

  • Custom-design of each project element.

  • Super positioning civil, construction, electrical and mechanical engineering plans.

  • Establishing time table and Gantt charts.

Detailed engineering plan and project timelines. Listing all resources.

See example ►

Project Execution

  • Logistics and shipping of project parts according to the timetable.

  • Supervising local teams provided by the customer.

  • Continuous quality assurance review.

Smooth operation of the project, oriented for fast ROI

Agrotop has erected thousands of projects in over 40 countries for the past 60 years.

Agrotop is committed to the success of your project, and offers a variety of short and long term services to enhance your operational and financial success.

Additional recommended services

  • On-site expert guidance on project operation and maintenance.

  • Site visits by our veterinarians, nutritionists and chief technologist.

  • 24/7 support via remote connection.

  • In depth training and transfer of Know-how to local team.

Smooth operation of the project, oriented for fast ROI

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What makes our process unique?