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Agrotop: foundation of innovation


Agrotop is committed to adopting innovative technologies aimed at empowering our customers and optimizing poultry project performance. The company is built on a foundation of innovation and is constantly looking to discover and implement new innovative technologies that promote poultry growth efficiency.

Among others, the company offers cutting edge solutions and technologies:

  • Advanced climate solutions for livestock production
    Agrotop provides ultramodern ventilation and climate control technologies. The company offers an innovative damper system, enabling full ventilation control and guaranteeing optimal air distribution. The advanced fans, provided by Danish company DACS, allow maximum control over ventilation, which translates into savings of tens of percent in electricity consumption.
  • Poultrix smart management technology for poultry farms
    Poultrix is an easy-to-use technology enabling broiler and layer farmers to efficiently manage every aspect of their farms. The innovative system provides chicken farmers with a remote, real-time monitoring system to ensure operational efficiency and reduce costs. The technology is simple to use, enabling managers to run their farms in the most professional and economical manner to improve growth cycles. The Poultrix system provides cloud-based business intelligence tools for long-term savings and efficiency for managing poultry, breeder, layer and turkey farms. It can be used by both large integrations or smaller individual farms. Automatic data collection provides more precise and reliable information which can be used for analyzing reports. It enables farmers and managers to use its software from any internet-connected device, such as computer, tablet or cellular phone anywhere and anytime.
  • Multimedia kit for live demonstrations
    Agrotop has developed an advanced multimedia system that enables all company professionals to check and demonstrate how different solutions will work in different scenarios. All Agrotop workers have the multimedia system installed on their computers, enabling them to demonstrate and simulate the feasibility of different projects. The multimedia project gives customers the feeling that they are touring a real project and enable them to focus on the smallest details.The media kit has built-in simulators that enable the user to see how the project will look in the future from different angles. The customer can witness all aspects from inside and outside. In addition, it features all the technical material and more than 60 videos with virtual reality aspects and animations, as well as dozens of interactive scenarios for presentation.
  • Plasmix chicken house system
    The Plasmix system enables the mixing of various additives for birds, applied via the drinking water system, by providing all the required extensions for installation of a dosing pump for additives. The system eliminates the need for the construction of an expensive water tank tower. The smart system maintains constant water supply to the chicken house by drawing water from nearby tanks. It automatically makes changes when regular water flow is constricted, following a sudden drop in water pressure or after a planned water outage.