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Agrotop presents tailored solutions for contract farming at Poultry India 2022

Agrotop presented its full range of solutions for livestock development projects at Poultry India 2022, which took place on November 23–25, 2022 at Hitex, Hyderabad, India.

After four years of absence in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Agrotop returned to present at Poultry India, in which it had participated for 13 consecutive years.

Agrotop focused on displaying solutions for Indian contract growers, one of the fastest growing segments of the Indian poultry industry. Poultry contract farming is a system in which a large company contracts with small-scale farmers to raise poultry according to the company’s specifications.

Agrotop also presented its concept of regional standalone integration, in which relatively small integration projects are established, which include all the required facilities including a slaughterhouse, preventing the costly need for shipping birds over long distances.

“The Indian market has reached the maturity level to start using Environment Controlled chicken houses on the level of the contract grower and not only by large integrations,” said Ben van Dijk, head of International Business Development at Agrotop. “Poultry contract farming is an important segment in India’s poultry industry and Agrotop is well positioned to meet the future needs of this fast-growing industry.”

Agrotop has acquired extensive experience in successfully completing complicated projects in difficult climatic zones, including India and neighboring countries.

Among others, Agrotop undertook a project for growing 150,000 broilers at a farm located near Hyderabad in an area with extreme weather conditions and unreliable electric infrastructures. Another project included building a farm for 600,000 layers and 200,000 pullets in West Bengal. Each house contained 100,000 birds.

The company also completed a project which included the design and building of a climate-controlled, deep-litter heavy breeders’ farm. The farm, in Devadanam, Tamil Nadu state, was built for Venkys (VHL), the largest breeding company in India.

Last year, Agrotop also constructed a large pullet and breeder farm for the Roongta company in Hetauda, Nepal. The project, which demonstrated Agrotop’s unique planning and design abilities, was extremely challenging due to limited land space and a mountainous landscape.

The project includes two pullet farms consisting of two sheds and four breeder farms of eight houses with a total of 57,600 females and 5,760 males.