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Agrotop to attend the poultry technologies trade fair VIV Turkey 2017

Representatives from Agrotop will participate in the VIV Turkey 2017 trade fair for poultry technologies, which will take place July 6–8, 2017 in Istanbul.

Participation in the event, which is the leading international show in the poultry industry in the region, is part of Agrotop’s strategy to further strengthen its presence in the fast-growing Turkish market. Agrotop’s CMO Gaby Pelleg will meet in Turkey with local distributors and potential clients.

Agrotop has been active in the Turkish market for some time. The company completed a large project for Egetav, one of Turkey’s leading poultry breeder growers. The project, fully engineered and constructed by Agrotop, is an all-in, all-out broiler breeder farm. The pullets in this farm mature into breeders in the same house instead of being transferred to a different house between the growth stages.

Egetav, which has extensive experience with open-air houses, approached Agrotop when it decided to upgrade to modern climate-controlled houses.

The Egetav project grows 300,000 pullet-breeders and heavy breeders split between three farms of seven double 150×14 sqm houses. All houses are connected to a central egg collection warehouse via an automatic conveyor belt.

High levels of bio-security and feed efficiency are key factors in the success of the Egetav project. The results of the project are top-notch, with 179 hatching eggs per hen (accumulated) in 60 weeks, which has translated into excellent economic results.

VIV Turkey aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology between Turkish poultry sector professionals by creating an international network platform that will foster development for all parties.