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Agro industry is an important part of the food-value chain and the most profitable. Why not build your own Agro industry profit center?

Agro industry is an important part of the food-value chain and the most profitable. It is suitable for growers seeking to become self-reliant, for vertical integration projects and for entrepreneurs who want to diversify their portfolio and enter into the livestock business. Agrotop has experience taking entrepreneurs from the vision state to creating their own agro-industry profit center – Hatchery, Feed Mill, Grain storage, Slaughterhouse, Rendering plant, Further processing, Waste water treatment, Compost site, and Laboratory services. We offer consulting, engineering, construction, supply, operation guidance and transfer of know-how to allow you to achieve the excellent results you are aiming for.

Business Oriented

We have experience integrating all the aspects of the food-value chain to reach the best financial results for our clients. We’ve done it in over 40 countries. Let us show you how.

Always by your side

Agrotop’s experts – nutritionists, production experts and more, can provide guidance at all stages, both remotely and with periodic visits at the project location.

Economical Feed

We can provide knowledge and supervision for creating the most economical feed manufacture formulas, taking into account available raw materials.

Training and Know-How

We can arrange seminars and training on-site or at our location for all agro-industry procedures – including Hatchery management, Slaughterhouse operation, Laboratory work and more.

Some things to be aware of when planning Agro Industry

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Guiding you through the process

When you choose Agrotop you let the experience do its thing