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Cage Free

High quality welfare eggs at cost effective prices.

The global trend is to move from using battery cages to cage-free and free-range solutions. Battery cages are usually shared by multiple hens, with limited room to turn and no space to spread their wing or engage in natural behaviors, such as dust bathing and perching. The shift to free cage solutions is driven by both regulation and consumer demands.

Cost effective solutions

The basic challenge that cage-free growers face is to be able to supply the market with high quality, high welfare eggs at a cost that is not significantly higher than that of cage eggs. As only a fraction of the market is prepared to pay premium prices for pasture-raised eggs, farmers need cost-effective solutions. We at Agrotop have acquired much experience in offering barn and aviary systems at reasonable prices, which enable growers to offer cage-free eggs at competitive prices.

Proven expertise

In recent years, Agrotop has built large-scale and successful aviary and free-range farms all over the world, including different styles and sizes. Our projects manage to achieve very good bird welfare, great professional results (number of birds per hen, for example), while meeting local regulatory and certificatory requirements. These farms are highly automated and can produce high quality and clean eggs that sell at premium prices.

Custom-made solutions

Agrotop has acquired much experience in helping our customers choose the cage-free system which fits their precise needs. We can help you select the correct system based on market acceptance of each type of egg (price and demand), availability and cost of land, climate conditions and regulatory considerations.


We can work with you to:

• Prepare a feasibility study and business plan – can be bankable
• Provide detailed design and engineering
• Supply building and equipment – erection and installation
• Provide management services and training to farm manager

Some things to be aware of when planning cage free houses

Some examples

Guiding you through the process

When you choose Agrotop you let the experience do its thing