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Mobile Houses

Mobile houses are the perfect, quick and hassle-free solution for starting your poultry house business.

Mobile houses are a perfect solution for entrepreneurs wishing to use the quick permit process in certain countries and start growing free range broilers and layers. A mobile house is a flexible structure in which all parts and elements are designed for movement. The houses sit on skates and are moved once or twice a year, depending on local country regulations. Mobile free range poultry houses are suitable for large integration projects as well as small scale organic farming or a single house with a back to nature approach. They are relatively inexpensive, very durable, and can be operational fast.

Fast process without building permits

Mobile houses do not require building permits, which allows you to start growing fast. Houses may be operational within 3 months from purchase.

Highly durable construction

Agrotop’s mobile houses are highly durable, heavy duty constructions that can withstand all types of weather – including extreme heat, heavy snow and harsh winds. Although regulations usually specify 3-5 years of structure durability, our structures are designed for a period of 20-50 years

Quick Self assembly

Mobile houses do not require cement, earthworks, and heavy machinery to erect. Manufactured at the factory and assembled on-site, they leave a minimal mark on the landscape. Agrotop’s houses are 100% recyclable and cleverly designed for an assembly time of only 3 weeks including equipment installation.

Equipment integration

Agrotop offers equipment selection and/or integration service for the mobile houses, for a quick seamless operation process. Agrotop can also offer the necessary transfer of know-how, for improved growth results.

Some things to be aware of when planning Mobile Houses

Some examples

Guiding you through the process

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