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Electric Floor Heating

Agrotop’s innovative floor heating will change the way you grow your pullets, broilers and livestock.

Floor heating is the incision of patent pending, flat heating wires with high efficiency into the house cement floor. The innovative system, developed by Agrotop, includes a sophisticated control system that for the first time allows fast, accurate and uniform temperature control of the house floor area, and can accommodate to changing bird age and climate conditions.

Less air exchanges

Floor heating efficiently dries the litter thus decreasing ammonia levels and the air exchanges required in the house, saving you costly air heating and bedding.

Heat where it counts

Floor heating creates uniform heat throughout the house at bird height, resulting in healthier birds and saving on your electric bill by heating where it counts.

Growth Flexibility

Agrotop’s floor heater can supply varying accurate heating, allowing you to stay in the optimal temperature zone throughout the bird growth cycle.


Agrotop’s floor heater is able to both remain accurate and save energy. This is achieved by using a sophisticated working algorithm taking into account livestock behavior, feed consumption, biological and environmental data.

Some things to be aware of when planning Floor heating

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