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Agrotop is geared to allow you maximum flexibility in realizing your unique piggery project.

Each piggery project is unique. Agrotop provides perfect flexibility to build the project that matches your company’s needs and local regulations. In order to achieve good results, the construction must be well ventilated, withstand large amounts of feces and the ammonia burden, and perfectly integrate with highly specialized equipment. Agrotop has built piggeries in Australia, Spain and the Philippines, and has partnered with leading equipment companies to realize top quality, tailor fitted piggeries worldwide.

Turnkey Projects

We aim is to provide a seamless solution for our customers to realize their vision. Agrotop can provide a turnkey project from conceptual design to building and installing the equipment.

Ventilation Experts

Agrotop has 30 years of extensive experience in different ventilation technologies and designs for poultry and livestock. Let us design your ventilation and upgrade your results!


Agrotop’s in-house engineering team and years of experience coordinating with livestock equipment companies, allow us to seamlessly integrates the building design with the chosen equipment – Whether from Agrotop or from a third party.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the main challenges of pig farms are the high ammonia levels accumulated in the house, leading to a corrosive environment. Agrotop uses specialized materials (such as ceramic bolts) and insulating coating, as well as specialized engineering of the structure for maximum durability.

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