15 MAY 2019

Eggs, chickens and the end of malnutrition

With chickens being the most farmed land animal on the planet, the world is waking up to their potential to address global food poverty.

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15 MAY 2019

Foreign Direct Investment comes back to Sierra Leone with Dole, Agrotop, Bollore, SL Mining

A handful of companies have invested in Sierra Leone, signaling a slow but steady rise in Foreign Direct Investment to the West African nation after the twin shocks of iron ore decline and Ebola.

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12 MARCH 2018

Agrotop to construct large-scale breeding farm in Nigeria

The newly built Blue Plains Farm located in Ibadan, Oyo State, will accommodate six Environmental Control (EC) breeder pullet houses.

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01 MARCH 2019

Agrotop to build large-scale breeding farm in Nigeria

Agrotop, one of the leading global players in livestock turnkey projects, has announced to build a large-scale pullet and breeding farm for Agrited, Nigeria’s leading supplier of poultry products.

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$60 million poultry farming investment for Sierra Leone

The new government of Sierra Leone led by president Julius Maada Bio has chosen Agrotop and Integrated Solutions Africa (ISA) Group to construct a large-scale poultry birds farming for commercial egg production in Sierra Leone, with investment of $60 million.

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Green light for massive layer farm in Sierra Leone

Agrotop and the Integrated Solutions Africa (ISA) Group have won a contract from the government of the Republic of Sierra Leone to construct a large-scale layer and pullet farm, costing $60m, in that country.

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22 JUNE 2018

Agrotop to build one of largest poultry farms in Africa/Middle East

Nutropia Chicken Farm in Ethiopia aims to address malnutrition, under-nutrition and low protein intake by producing 24,000 tons of chicken meat per year.

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05 JUNE 2018


Agrotop est un guichet unique pour les projets agricoles, de la conception du business plan jusqu’au financement en passant par la logistique, la construction, la gestion et la formation.

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29 MAY 2018


Israeli firm builds poultry farms from Angola to Vietnam

Agrotop is a one-stop shop for farm projects, from financing and business plan to design, logistics, construction, management and training.

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15 MAR 2017


Big Israeli Businesses Seek Opportunities in Vietnam

A large delegation of leading Israeli businesses will arrive in Vietnam in search of partners. Big names in the agribusiness and water solutions include Agrotop, Aquaculture Production Technology, Arad, Argos, and Bickel Flowers, will be accompanying Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on his official visit to

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06 MAR 2017


Large clean egg factory inaugurated in Phu Tho

DTK Corporation on Saturday inaugurated the first phase of its clean egg factory in the northern province of Phu Tho.

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31 MAR 2016

Israeli agro-delegation in PH to explore opportunities

The Israeli agro-business delegation consists of eight companies engaged in irrigation, aquaculture technology, poultry equipment and supplies, seeds and propagation materials, and post-harvest treatment. These companies are Agrotop Ltd., Bermad, BioFishency Ltd., Eshet Eilon, Metzerplas Cooperative

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01 JUN 2015



Designed and built as a turnkey project by Israel’s Agrotop in 2011-2013, Chirina is a unique vertically integrated complex. Its products – fresh and frozen chicken meat sold under the BiuBiu brand – already account for about 1/6 of Georgia’s total consumption of poultry.

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23 NOV 2014


Israeli agri, water companies hold maiden Philippine trade mission

Members of the Israeli delegation discussed irrigation know-how, dairy production, turnkey projects for livestock, post-harvest treatment, crop protection, agronomy, greenhouse technology, water system control, and water management.

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19 NOV 2014

Israeli Business Mission Seeks Opportunities In Philippine

An Israeli business delegation composed of firms engaged in water service and agriculture technologies is in the country to explore business opportunities and to forge linkages with Filipino companies

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11 JUL 2014


Vietnam, Israel to launch commercial committee

An agricultural enterprise forum involving local and Israeli businesses will also be held. Four leading Israeli firms from the hi-tech agriculture industry, namely Agrotop, AquaMaof, BioBee and Green 2000, will be present along with local agricultural businesses from Hanoi.

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25 JUN 2014


Israeli Agriculture Minister inspects largest poultry complex in Georgia

During a visit to Georgia, Israeli Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir together with Georgian Deputy Minister of Agriculture David Galegashvili, Kvemo Kartli governor Giorgi Mgebrishvili visited a poultry complex of the Chirina company.

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25 FEB 2014


Ghana: Israel Firms Storm Ghana for Agric Business Opportunities

More Israeli companies have expressed interest in taking part in the upcoming Israel-Ghana Agricultural Business Opportunities Seminar.

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12 APR 2012


Agrotop’s humane, eco-friendly henhouses an answer to protesters’ demands

An Israeli company is a world leader in the design and production of more humane henhouses, which have been adopted in the EU and many other countries

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15 JUL 2011


Israeli Environment Ministry Implements New Green Building Standards

New and renovated buildings in Israel will now have to comply with a newly launched “Israel Standard for Green Building”.

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15 APR 2010


Prefabricated Chicken Coop Generates its Own Power

If humans can have off-grid, prefabricated structures, who says livestock shouldn’t get the same eco-treatment

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