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One stop shop solution to manage poultry farms and integrations of all sizes

At Agrotop we are always listening to our customers to see what bothers them and what they need. We discovered that there is a gap in the market with systems for recording and analyzing all the data that comes from a poultry farm or integration.

Many farms and integrators record the data by hand or use excel sheets manually entered. Existing programs tend to be expensive and rigid. Entering data is difficult and it is hard to customize reports so that they can provide accurate and relevant breakdowns. Often different data collection systems are used on the farm and in the hatchery and slaughterhouse etc.

In order to tackle the issue, Agrotop together with Israeli high-tech company Integsoft cooperated to put together knowledge of poultry farms and integrations using advanced IT solutions.

The result is “Poultrix“, a one stop shop to manage poultry farms and integrations of all sizes.

Poultrix offers, among others, the following advantages:

• Big Data – Ability to collect all the data from the farm and analyze it to see where profit can be maximized. So, for example, an integration may use two species of chicks, and can analyze to see which gives better results and can further examine to see if particular treatments (feed or lighting) work differently for each breed.

• Holistic and flexible – Poultrix can absorb data from a variety of sources, it can easily manually connect to controllers, egg counters, graders and more. We search to make this as painless as possible. The data should be entered as close as possible to where it originates and in real time. Whatever can be automated should be automated.

  • The system acts an internal communication tool – sending messages, alerts etc. to the farmers.
  • The system can be accessed from computers, smart phones and other hand-held devices.
  • The system automates planning of chick, pullets placing, marketing, feed delivery etc.
  • The system connects to existing ERP’s, farm controllers etc. Little or no extra hardware is required.

Poultrix has become the main system that the chicken companies in Israel use and has gained a lot of experience. Now Agrotop and Poultrix together are rolling the system out to a global market.

“I have been at the crossroads between agriculture and technology for many years,” said Yair Landesman, who developed Poultrix and is the CEO of Integsoft. “Now that we have acquired extensive experience in the domestic market, we are rolling out the system internationally with Agrotop”.

Stanley Kaye, Business Development manager at Agrotop and Poultry Consultant, added that “I have been working with Poultrix for many years and farms I managed were amongst the first farms to use the system”.

“Some of the features in the system, come from requests I made as a farmer,” Kaye said. “Poultrix keeps close contact with the farmers to understand what is needed to improve the system.”