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Business Plan

A solid, bankable business plan is the best tool for your project’s feasibility and success.

The poultry farming business is an exciting, growing field with great business potential. The best way to focus your vision, understand your needs and make realistic business decisions, is by creating a solid, bankable, business plan. The best practice is creating it before project initiation. A solid business plan combines several elements – business, finance, engineering, livestock biology and market trends.

One stop shop

Agrotop’s team includes engineers, animal husbandry technologists, veterinarians, nutritionists, breeding experts, poultry growing experts, turkey experts, agronomists, economists, finance and tax experts and more.

Extensive Experience

Our team has experience in all stages of livestock projects realization and operation. All members of our team have found their passion in the poultry and livestock field, and many of them started working in Agrotop after years of working and supervising at the farms.

The Process

Agrotop’s experts examine the land, supply channels, market and trends. Together with the client they will examine his vision and determine the necessary scope of the project, from the perspectives of business opportunities, complementary constraints, sensitivities, ROI, financing and taxation.

No Obligation

Agrotop offers its business plan service with no obligation to continue afterwards. The business plan becomes the property of the client, who is free to use it as they please.

Some things to be aware of when planning Business plan

Guiding you through the process

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