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Technical Systems Australia to Represent Agrotop in Australian Poultry Market

The two companies will participate together at the PIX/AMC show later this year, presenting wide range of poultry buildings and equipment.

Queensland, Australia, February 18, 2020 – Agrotop, a leading global player in livestock turnkey projects, has appointed Technical Systems Australia (TSA) as its representative in the Australian poultry market.

TSA, which represents many leading international supply companies, has already been representing Agrotop in Australia, but with the recent change of ownership of the company the relationship has been formalized. The two companies are already working together on a new project in Queensland, which will also serve as a demo farm for the Agrotop TSA technologies.

“Agrotop is delighted to have rejuvenated our representation in Australia, as TSA has been our partner for more than a decade,” said Stanley Kaye, business development manager at Agrotop. “Together we have constructed broiler, layer and pig projects to the highest standards across Australia.”

“We are keen to further develop top quality turnkey projects in Australia together with Agrotop,” said TSA’s new director, Scotty Miller. “By combining a leading international brand such as Agrotop with strong local presence, we are well positioned to offer projects that can be built using Aussie teams according to local engineering and building regulations.”

The two companies will jointly present a broad range of products, such as equipment for poultry including broiler, breeder and egg-laying chooks at PIX/AMC  – the 2020 Poultry Information Exchange (PIX) and Australasian Milling Conference (AMC), which will take place May 17–19, 2020 in Queensland, Australia.

Kaye, who is also director of Agrotop’s operations in Australia, announced that the two companies would concentrate on building close relations with poultry farmers of all scales.

“Together we can supply both the turnkey projects and the day-to-day maintenance requirements of equipment and great service,” Kaye said.