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Layer Houses

Knowing how to optimize a Layer house for today’s trends is the key for success.

Growing chickens for their eggs is one of the oldest forms of agriculture. The egg is an excellent natural, healthy source of protein, and an important commodity worldwide. Today Layers are grown in several setups: cages, enriched colonies, free range, barn and aviaries. The trend today is towards animal welfare, which means less cage houses. Agrotop has vast experience with all types of growing methods, combined with semi and full automated systems that raise growth efficiency: micro-climate control, egg handling, manure drying/transportation and more. This can be done in large integration projects and down to small mobile houses. Combining layer biology knowledge with engineering and cutting edge technology Agrotop creates a solution to fit your needs.

Efficient use of space

Agrotop’s houses can accommodate up to 12 tiers of enriched layer colonies. This allows up to 250,000 birds in an area of only 2,000sqm, according to the strict European regulations for animal welfare.

Business Oriented

We have experience integrating all aspects required to reach perfect bird conditions and financial results. For example, you can control the amount and size of the eggs in your house. We’ve done it in over 40 countries. Let us show you how.

Cleaner Eggs

Smart design of the layer Growing environment channels the egg out of the laying point, shortening its feces and dirt exposure to a minimum. The design of the ventilation and climate control systems also contribute to a cleaner egg.

Increasing egg mass

Agrotop has successfully showed farmers how to Increase egg mass by up to 1kg per housed layer. This is done through a combination of optimal bird conditions, feeding knowledge and egg breakage reduction technology.

Some examples

Guiding you through the process

When you choose Agrotop you let the experience do its thing