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Queensland farmers visit Agrotop to examine setting up new chicken farm

Queensland farmers, John and Melinda, accompanied by Agrotop’s Australian representative Martin Simmons, recently visited Agrotop’s headquarters in Israel.

The farmers have been in contact with Agrotop for years, but the process of obtaining permission to build a farm in Australia is a lengthy one. Now that they are nearly ready to start, they came to Israel to “kick the tyres.” Before they invested their hard-earned money, they wanted to see existing Agrotop farms.

“Anyone can build a poultry shed that looks good for a year or two,” John said. “I wanted to see sheds from 10 to 20 years ago and see how they weathered the years.”

The delegation visited a number of farms under construction as well as completed ones, with an emphasis on farms over 10 years old. John was very impressed and agreed that the buildings met all his requirements. Though he usually likes to add his own ideas and suggestions for changes, he could not think of any improvements he wanted.

As all Agrotop sheds are “bespoke,” with the details coordinated with the client, John also met with the Agrotop engineers to work on the final plans.

As devoted Christians, John and Melinda couldn’t come all the way from Australia and not see some of the Holy Land. Agrotop’s Stanley Kayeaccompanied them on a three-day tour of Israel’s north and Jerusalem, which everyone enjoyed.

“At Agrotop, we want our customers to be lifelong friends. Thus, it is natural that we would like to show our guests our beautiful country,” Kaye said.

As John and Melinda like off-the-beaten track sites, they visited the Inn of the Good Samaritan, the River Jordan Baptism site near Jericho, the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon, including Banias and Nimrod Castle.

The earthworks of John and Melinda’s new farm will begin in the next couple of months once all paperwork is completed.