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Agrotop visits United Arab Emirates (UAE) to strengthen further business ties

Agrotop has started to develop its product offering and distribution networks for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and surrounding countries.

While Agrotop has been working in the region “below the radar” for more than a decade, with the signing of the “Abraham Accords” the process has been accelerated.

Our regional sales manager Stanley Kaye traveled to the UAE on learning visit last week. During the visit, Kaye met with local and regional players, including farm owners, producers and potential investors. Agrotop will work to build and develop these contacts to implement projects in UAE and in the region in general.

Currently, a large percentage of poultry products, eggs and meat are imported by the UAE. There is a strong desire in the country to improve food security by producing more foods locally.

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As a company based in the Middle East, Agrotop has an advantage with its short lines of communications. In addition, there is a keenness on both sides to develop business to add substance to the much-awaited Abraham Accords. Agrotop intends to use the most advanced technologies to improve productivity and tackle the main challenge of operating poultry farms in the Gulf’s extreme temperatures.

“I think this will be an important market,” said Kaye, who described his visit as a great success. Agrotop is a company that builds upon firm foundations. It is always our policy to learn local conditions first then to adapt product offering.”

Kaye received a very warm and constructive reception and made great connections with both investors and potential customers. Potential clients, equipment suppliers and investors from the area are welcome to contact us.