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Agrotop wins second contract for South Mindanao broiler farm

Agrotop has received a repeat order for 11 environmentally controlled broiler sheds in Southern Mindanao, the Philippines.

Agrotop previously provided the farm with two chicken houses. The project was closely contested by both international and local firms and the repeat order illustrates the customer’s satisfaction with the solutions Agrotop provided last year.

The project was complicated as the area is not an easy one for building agricultural buildings. The climate is tropical and there are frequent storms, as well as seismic activity (earthquakes). All this means that the engineering design and implementation have to be excellent.

“The customers, who are very astute businessmen, had to choose between an Agrotop shed, with all its advantages, and cheaper alternatives, and I am happy they have expressed confidence in us,” said Stanley Kaye, business development manager East Asia at Agrotop.

“They were very satisfied with the results of the pilot project and decided to expand the project. It gives me a feeling of personal satisfaction that they trusted us with the new order,” he added.

South Mindanao broiler farm

Agrotop is undertaking the project together with local partner Bitrade, which provides farm systems and solutions to the growing poultry and livestock industry in the Philippines, and will lead the turnkey project.

Agrotop has established a close cooperation with Bitrade, now led by Sr. Kenny Ngo. Together several fine projects have been established on the main Philippine Islands.

The new deal reflects the development of the local market in the Philippines in which contract growers, who tend to be more budget-oriented and tended to disregard the quality of a building, are now willing to invest in state-of-the-art sheds.

Sophisticated local farmers now realize that the shed’s quality effects the bottom line for the following reasons:

  • Growing conditions – By providing the chicks with ideal conditions, the grower receives the highest rating. The growers receive a monetary bonus for good results and all poultry companies are fully aware of which growers constantly achieve the best results. Once a company decides to grow, the expansion contract is usually given to their best growers.
  • Longevity – An Agrotop shed is designed to a 50-year engineering standard. Thus, each shed can generate a lifelong income.
  • Maintenance – An Agrotop shed requires minimal maintenance once it is built. It will remain tight to maintain static pressure and the insulation lasts for many years.