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Agrotop builds Israel’s first aviary chicken house

Agrotop recently completed the building of the first aviary rearing layer house in Israel for the Gliksman company, the country’s largest pullets for commercial layers farmer.

The aviary chicken house, which is one of the most advanced of its kind globally, was built by Agrotop together with German company Big Dutchman and will enable the growing of 80,000 chicks.

Built in Moshav Matzliach, the aviary house is part of the largest pullets for commercial layer project in Israel with 450,000 pullets. The project showcases Agrotop’s smart engineering, know-how and customer care.

Emek Ha’ela Eggs

In an interview with Meshek Haofot, Gliksman’s Dr. Yogev Fiaston said that the new chicken house provided a real solution for the rising demand for growing layers in aviary houses and was a good solution for free-range and organic houses.

“The unique equipment enables the pullet to grow and develop in the best manner, so that the transfer process to the layer house would be easy and swift and will enable the birds to maximize their egg laying potential,” Flaston said.

The house is equipped with advanced climate control and lighting systems. The chicks are grown in the same environment as the pullet house, so that the transfer would be natural and with less stress. This will result in a lower number of floor eggs, thus lowering the damage to the grower and maximizing profits.

The new house meets EU directives and standards and is aimed at answering the growing demand for cage-free eggs in Israel. The house is comprised of four pyramids of several floors (up to four floors). Each house is equipped with climate control, manure removing via an automatic conveyor belt and automatic egg collection systems.

Each pyramid has several feeders and water systems, and some include light controlled nests, feeders and drinkers.

All tiers include stepping platforms, perches and all accessories needed for bird welfare. The birds can move freely and fly between the different tiers and pyramids, thus allowing the birds to maintain natural behaviors. The birds can run, fly and lay their eggs as close to nature as possible.

The main advantage of the aviary house is that as the birds are on different floors a larger number of chickens can be grown.